Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Cirrocumulus Clouds Finally!

     Since arriving home in East Texas a couple weeks ago, I've been waiting for a cool morning to ride my horse Topaz. Finally, last night while enjoying a grilled pork chop at neighbor Chef Jim's place, we saw cirrocumulus clouds! That meant ice crystals way up there! And cool weather for riding.

The clouds were followed by a gorgeous sunset.

So early the next morning, I hitched Sally and Boyce's horse trailer to La Lair, loaded Topy, and drove to my favorite private forest.

     This video is my first attempt to capture the excitement of trotting on Topy. Even though I checked the option to block wind-noise, it's still very noisy. Any suggestions on how to eliminate wind-noise? Please share your tips! Warning, video is seven minutes long.

PS: One month later, I did an experiment to cut wind noise by cutting a small piece of pliable package foam and holding it over the two microphones on top of my camera with a rubberband. It works! No wind noise. Click here for the updated YouTube movie to hear the big difference.
PSS: If Topy and I were 20 years younger . . . . click here for horseback archery video.