Wednesday, May 16, 2018

We plan, God laughs . . .

    My plan this winter was to ride Topaz as much as possible. But she turned 27 years old recently and the farrier and two well-respected horsewomen advised me to retire her. She has an arthritic hip from an old injury; her one back leg has been giving out frequently when trotting. 
     Oddly, one of my legs was giving out frequently this winter too. Cortisone shot helped tremendously, but I see a hip replacement in my near future.

It's always fun to visit Topy at Sally and Boyce's ranch.

Always a new face!

Ms. Goose is enjoying her spa.

I like to torment Mr. Turkey.

He's strutting with feathers all ruffled; attack mode or trying to impress me?

Handsome rooster is a new addition too.

     This is Sally (below photo) before she tore a tendon in her ankle. She's now in a walking cast for a few weeks. Not in her plan! Nor was a severe storm in Sally and Boyce's plans; over $150,000 worth of damage at their ranch.

Behind my vinyl-clad 18-years old Andersen doors, I discovered rotten wood. Not in my plan!

     Andersen kindly sold me new doors for fifty percent off. The more closely I looked at my place, the more rotten stuff I saw. Not in my plan!

More rotten stuff, not in my plan! It is what it is, a wood-frame house in the rainy humid Piney Woods of East Texas. Sort of feel like Wile E. Coyote chasing my nemesis.

Twenty-four inches of winter rain, not in my plan.

Guess I'll paint the whole enchilada, not in my plan!

     But God willing I'll be back on the road again next month with La Lair. 

     And God's final laugh? La Lair had a badly leaking crack in her crankshaft; twas replaced under warranty. Not in my plan either.