Thursday, July 13, 2017

A day at the King County Fair in Enumclaw, Washington State

I love county fairs!

There's the usual face painting and food.

And the usual exciting rides . . .

Mini-cars are always a favorite.

It's fun to watch kids having fun.

This is a 1940 Ford that was a Washington State Police Car.

But the sole reason I go to county fairs is because of the animals and their owners. Her calf is only five months old.

Signs say "Do not touch the animals" but no one (including me) can resist.

This puppy (photo below) is being socialized via a structured program for the first year of its life. Next year there's a 50/50 chance it will become a guide dog for a blind person.

Happiness is a pet chicken resting on your chest!

     Jack (being hosed down by his owner, photo below) is a Nubian/Boer cross-breed goat. He's trained as a pack goat; hikers and trekkers use him to carry their gear.

      Remember Olive the "Miss Personality" horse I met last week and posted about? She's the Belgian/Quarter Horse cross-breed. In photo below, she's easy to identify. She's the one with the biggest feet and butt.

I wish people's moods were as easy to figure out as horses' moods.

It'd be helpful too if people wore colored ribbons.

This bearded goat (below photo) is my favorite. See how she's twitching her ears? That means she's paying attention.

Not all animals pay attention, some are just show-offs.

Some are just sullen and want to go home.

This rooster (photo below) crowed all day to practice for the rooster crowing contest. By the time the contest started at 4 PM, he was hoarse and lost the contest (honest!).

Would you let your five-year old kid ride a big fast bucking sheep? Apparently most mothers wouldn't because most of these little kids got alot of help.

The excitement continues tomorrow!

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