Sunday, May 14, 2017

Amenities Galore in Northwestern Arkansas

     Following the Buffalo River trip I had originally planned to turn left into Kansas, but I got sidetracked in northwestern Arkansas. There's just too many friendly people and wonderful facilities!
     The residents of this little northwestern corner of Arkansas are living in heaven, in my opinion. There's no shortage of indoor heated swimming pools (six open to the public, the Springdale pool is fantastic). And there's no shortage of trails. Below photo shows the Razorback Trail I biked this morning. It was recommended by Connie, a librarian whom I met.

     This trail is part urban (near major roads) and part wooded, but it basically follows a pretty little creek.

     At Bella Vista Lake (the last mile of the Razorback trail) this little guy was causing a traffic jam.

     At the very end is the Veterans Wall of Honor; there's also an informative graphic timeline of all the wars and conflicts since the Revolutionary War.

     Yesterday, I had intended to make a quick 2-hour stop to see Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, Arkansas. Plan A, just look at the artwork, then onto Kansas by evening. But surprise, surprise! Crystal Bridges is much more than artwork! They were having a party yesterday; my lucky day.

Classical musicians every 40 feet or so . . .

This group played a Bach tune just for me.

Arkansas folk musicians . . .

My favorite group was a jazz band (video below is a WMV file). 

That strange-looking guitar (photo below) is a harp guitar.

Elsewhere, five people were tapping pieces of wood. It was pleasant-sounding.

Remarkably, they were reading music!

While I walked the Tulip Trail near the Frank Lloyd Wright designed home . . . .

    I heard really cool African drumming in the background.

     Only to discover it was kids being invited to tap rocks on the iron railing of a bridge!

     I hadn't even arrived to the Art Museum yet! This little guy in photo below was holding a precious helium balloon and he accidentally lost his grip on it. He left out a sad very loud wail.

Kids loved this place, so did I :)

Sidewalk kids' art . . .

Lots of kids climbed on this turtle . . .

     Nearby I visited a home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.  It has his classic flat roof, and instead of gutters there are copper drain pipes (at the corners) that spill into landscaped areas.

     The actual Art Museum visit was pleasant, too. Bentonville is fortunate to have the shared riches of a very creative and civic-minded woman, Alice Walton (daughter of Sam, founder of Walmart).

     On my way back to La Lair, parked downtown Bentonville (no need for archaic coins for parking meters in this town!), there is interesting sculpture near the Museum Hotel.

A coin-covered Cadillac, hmm?

A great bike shop with a very helpful clerk.

Another interesting sculpture . . .

     Several years ago I read "Amazing Grace: A Dog's Tale" which was written by the entrepreneurs of the Three Dog Bakery. It's a great book; was surprised they had a store in Bentonville.

And a free museum, Sam's first store.

     I love Bentonville. Wikipedia (click here) has a very accurate description of this town. I can confirm many of its amenities. Don't be surprised if someday I move here permanently.


  1. Guess you really DID like Bentonville!!

  2. Yep, I DID! Wish your son was helping me to upload short videos of those musicians at the Garden Party. Soon as I get it figured out, I'll edit this post to include them.

  3. What fun kids! I loved the basketball sculpture. Thanks for posting!!!!